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The Best Music Production Apps for iOS

iOS musci production apps

Long gone are the days when music production was limited to a fully-equipped studio. Today, even the smallest of mobile devices and tablets are more than suitable alternatives for creating music right in your own home. There’s a lot of different names out there in the app word for doing just this, but much like studios themselves, there’s nothing that’s truly created equal when it comes to music production on iOS. It’s therefore important for users to take a look at the in-depth specifications to ensure what they’re trying to accomplish is something that can be accommodated by the app. However, the following are apps worth looking at in order to start your journey in music production.

Best ios music production apps


Garageband is one of the oldest music production apps on the free market today. It has been involved in production from entry-level bands through to professional musicians and is gradually leaving the traditional desktop computer applications found in studios to more mobile environments and devices. It provides all of what aspiring producers require and is a native Apple product, which guarantees a good level of support of compatibility across a wide range of iOS devices. It should certainly be towards the top of just about any selection for music production.


Songify is a great tool for lyricists who aren’t quite sure about how to sing their songs but have a great song in terms of what they’ve written. Songify allows users to arrange the lyrics according to various scores and tones in order to reveal how the song could come to life when properly produced. There is no singing involved when using Songify either. Producers simply speak their lyrics into a recording, they are able to produce it alongside various effects and filters that are available in the app to create the end idea of what a song should sound like. Songify has become a bit of a pop culture app in recent years and the tech team at have followed its usually humorous creations from the beginning. They commented, for such a simple app and idea, it has changed the way we think about music.


Cubase by Steinberg is one of the most feature-rich music production apps that’s on the open market today. It allows producers to have an unlimited amount of audio tracks with 24 assignable ins and outs. The mixer includes loops, sound effects, and high-quality audio rendering up to a 24-bit sample. It is thought to be slightly more powerful than Garageband in terms of its overall feature availability and high levels of control over tracks, but slightly less user intuitive. It will appeal to those who have quite a bit of experience in music production already and can make sense of all the technical features that are available on the app. It does come with a price tag though and users will be required to spend $30 to unlock the full-feature version of the app.

iOS musci production apps


Auxy is held as one of the better music production apps on the iOS platform. There are several apps that offer a feature-rich experience that offers an unrivalled level of control over a user’s production, but there are few that actually try to simplify the process as far as humanly possible. It’s an excellent entry-level introduction into the world of music production and should be considered the first stop for those who are completely new to the experience.

While it does not rival Garageband in terms of its production power and features, it does provide an excellent experience that will create fantastic end results. It is based on a piano roll editor that allows users to create loops, lines, and patterns using pre-set instruments. It’s also possible to download additional instruments for an additional fee. However, it’s probably best to look elsewhere when it comes to spending on a premium production app as there’s more than enough to keep entry-level producers occupied for several weeks when learning the basics of the process and what the end results can turn into.

The opportunities to get into music production through an app are nearly endless today. The only true limits are the ones imposed by your own imagination and the technical requirements your production will impose on an app. No, there’s no one simplified app that does every single job in the most user-friendly way. While there are indeed excellent beginner options for music production apps, the true experience is found in the more advanced apps. The key is coming to terms with the various functions held within these apps in order to get the most out of your production experiences.

There’s never been a better time to try music production if it’s been on your mind for a while. Making a visit to the app store will soon reveal several different options when it comes to music production, so it’s just a matter of narrowing it down by what you actually need to create the musical masterpiece you’ve been thinking about. Tutorials and help guides, fortunately, exist for those who are leaning towards a more feature-rich app, but the majority of apps will have help guides bundled into the download that give a clearer insight into how they functionally work.