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How To Hire The Best Photo Studio In London


It has been said before that one good photo is worth a thousand words. This is true, not just for journalism purposes, but even in marketing. And especially in this day and age of digital marketing, image is everything! If you are in London and looking for the best photo studio around, either for photography, shooting or recording a short promo video, a photo shoot for your profile either as a model, or whatever purposes, there are some basic factors you ought to look out for. There are many world class and reputable Photo studios hire in London, an example being 69 Drops Studio. But in order to really determine the best studio, perhaps these below tips will guide you;

  1. Right Equipment; At 69 Drops Studio, we boast of having the latest, state of the art photography equipment. This not only makes the entire photo shoot fast, but also ensures that the shots are high quality. From the best cameras, lighting, background themes, sofas and couches, wireless Microphones for directing the shoot, and so on so forth, all these go a long way in making us your best bet around London.
  2. Spacious studio; you also want to be sure that the studio you’re picking is spacious enough. The good thing about a spacious photo studio is that it offers sufficient space between the subject and the directors. This means that the cameras can be zoomed to cover all angles and aspects of the subject, without appearing compressed or squeezed to fit into the frame. Our 69 Drops Studio in London is big and ideal, measuring 900 sq feet. This means that the studio can comfortably accommodate multiple subjects at any one given time.
  3. Highly qualified studio operators; another factor to consider when looking to hire the best photo studio in London is the skillfulness of the studio operators. And even when you have your own directors and camera operators, you’d still need to liaise with those of the studio you’ve hired. Again at 69 Drops Studio, we boast of highly qualified and skilled camera operators, photo editors, directors, etc.
  4. Make up station; this may appear trivial, but anyone who has ever done a photo shoot will tell you just how much perfection matter. You want a studio that has a section for making your hair, doing your makeup, straightening your tie, etc. Our London studio has a special section for these tasks, not to mention a fully furnished modern kitchen for those looking to do a food shoot! Could it get better than that?


Contact 69 Drops Studio today for all your photo shoot needs in the UK; we are strategically located in London, just a few minutes away from the Underground and Overground Stations.