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Can Garageband be used for Windows PC?- finding the answer

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Garageband can be elementarily defined as a line of digital audio workstations fabricated for iOS and MacOS devices. There is a multitude of features that make the program a robust and unique tool for users like recording, jamming, and lessons with Magic Garageband and Plug and play. The audio program is invariably and implicitly designed for Apple, and so there is no window version of the program.

But if you own a windows version, then the question that always intrigues your mind is that- how to use Garageband on Windows PC? Though there is no way to install Garageband on Windows you can always emulate MacOS.

Why downloading Garageband over windows PC is a concern?

Owing to its fame and exclusively premium features, Garageband has become one of the most common household names used to produce music. Garageband works like magic as it can assist you in making use, irrespective of the fact that whether you know the tidbits of playing an instrument or not. If you have a soft corner for music and want to install the program on your Windows PC, then you might search for how to use Garageband on Windows PC over the web. Though most websites would promisingly try to allure you of proving an authentic version of Garageband for your Windows PC they are definitely faking it.

There are many programs over the web that can serve as the common function, just like Garageband serves. Audacity can be termed as one such program that provides you with the feature of recording the various effects like Garageband. In addition to this FL Studio and Mixcraft Acoustica are also cheaper alternatives of Garageband. But what if you want Garageband for your Windows PC and you dont want to seek any other choice. Here is everything that you need to know!

Step by step hacks of downloading Garageband in Windows PC

If your computer is Intel-based then the procedure will be comparatively easy for you. Here is a step-wise guide of getting Garageband for your Windows PC. Go through it!

  • First of all download and install VirtualBox in your PC. Make sure that you have ample hard disk space free before you initiate anything.

  • Download MacOS Sierra on your PC and extricate the contents.

  • After you have downloaded the MacOS image file construct a virtual machine using the file that you had downloaded earlier.

  • Open VirtualBox and Select new.

  • Use Mac OS X 10.11 or 10.12. As the current version of your Guest OS.

  • Remove the hard disk and use an existing virtual disk.

  • Navigate to your download of Sierra and select Sierra.vmdk file. Followed by right-clicking the VMX file by navigating to Documents\Virtual Machines in Windows Explorer.

  • At the end of the file paste SMC. Version = 0 and save it.

  • Boot up the virtual machines and voila! Your work is done.

If you still can’t figure out how to do it then better go for the experts rather than getting perplexed.


As the digital audio workstation is entry-level music editing and composition software a lot of insane about downloading the program on their respective PCs. You dont need to be a best-in-class hacker to get Garageband on your PC. If you are wondering about how to use Garageband on Windows PC, then these steps would greatly help you.

Make music with Garageband on your PC and cherish the tune and rhythm. But if you have considered something else to buy instead of Garageband then make sure that you research the features of each before making the final decision.