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How to Handle EE mobile Signal Problems

Mobile signal coverage

After moving into a newly rented office, a new summer cottage or even a new apartment, you may find out that you are experiencing severe EE mobile signal problems. Additionally, you might have held in EE mobile signal problems for a long time in your home. Maybe it is just time to give up the hassle!

EE mobile signal problems can be frustrating, especially in this day and age when we rely on our phones for almost everything. Such kind of problems can result in missing important calls and messages due to coverage issues in the area at that particular time.

Antenna for Indoor mobile

Even with so much state of the art networking and wireless connection nowadays, several users still find themselves dealing with signal problems. EE mobile signal problems range from 4G coverage problems, WI-FI disconnection, and too much data usage. Such kind of EE mobile signal problems may be as a result of;

  • So many high buildings around.
  • The large size of a house.
  • Huge distance from a mobile tower.

EE mobile signal problems are common in areas like parking lots, tunnels, big stores, and office buildings. EE mobile signal problems have been faced by various people, especially those living in a neighborhood that was built just recently, with no EE cell towers nearby. If you are experiencing EE mobile signal problems, then the best way to handle this is by purchasing an EE mobile phone signal booster.

Mobile signal boosters help amplify an incoming signal from a base station. The space between a signal booster and a nearby tower should be about 35. EE mobile signal boosters can work for

  • Small buildings- up to 3300 square feet
  • Medium buildings- 3300-6000 square feet.
  • Huge buildings-6000-32300 square feet
  • Vehicles- cars and boats.

An EE mobile signal booster is made up of 3 main parts; indoor antennae, outdoor antennae, and a repeater box. The external antenna weak signal from the nearby cell tower to the signal booster with the help of a coaxial cable.

coaxial cables for signal coverage

After that, the signal booster amplifies the signal which is then passed on to the internal antennae. Lastly, the amplified or boosted signal is passed on to the mobile phone. Installing an EE mobile phone signal booster is easy and does not require any technical know-how.

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