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How Commercial Electricians Get Paid In London

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Commercial electricians in London do a great job in helping numerous businesses and companies remain productive and powered at all times. As always, a faulty connection could mean severe losses for the business at best, while at worst, it could be a disaster in waiting; improper connections are dangerous. Here at SOS Electricals, we are always committed to ensuring that all offices, restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools, industries, warehouses, grocery shops, you name it; we are always committed to help such businesses rectify any electrical issues that they may be having. And that’s not all; all our services are compliant with the health and safety standards as per the UK law. When it comes to the issue of how much commercial electricians get paid, or what they charge for their services, this is still shrouded on much hearsay. However, what’s important to note is that their pay is or will be determined by 2 main factors;

  • What’s the nature/ severity of the job; this is the very first question that a commercial electrician will want to answer. Once an electrician has done a diagnosis of the electrical fault or issue, he or she will then be able to determine just what skills or manpower is required to fix the issue. This could be anything from £ 100 to £ 1000, depending on the nature and complexity of the task at hand.
  • What is required to rectify the fault; the thing with commercial electrical appliances is that when they get damaged, one can either have them repaired, or be forced to replace them totally anew. Here at SOS Electricals, our commercial electricians always advice the client on the way ahead, and if any spare parts need to be gotten, they’ll even recommend where one can get the original and genuine spares.


Feel free to contact SOS Electricals for all your electrical related queries; we are professional and affordable.

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